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The picture shown below describes a section from a family tree.
The nodes N and O have one child R.
N has Mother J.
O has Mother K.
O and K both have D as Mother.
I'm trying to find the shortestPath between the nodes N and O, but I want to exclude the path N->R->O (a path with length 2).
The path I'm looking for is N -> J -> D -> K -> O (a path with length 4).
How can I construct a query to achieve this? I plan to run the query on the entire graph (>10.000 nodes), so it would be nice if it performed reasonably well.



Hi @christian.longberg

How about this simple query.
If the hop count is small, the search speed will not be a problem.

MATCH p1=(n:Person {name: 'N'})-[:MOTHER*..2]->(mother:Person),
      p2=(d:Person {name: 'O'})-[:MOTHER*..2]->(mother)
RETURN p1,p2

CREATE (n:Person {name:'N'}),
       (j:Person {name:'J'}),
       (d:Person {name:'D'}),
       (k:Person {name:'K'}),
       (o:Person {name:'O'}),
       (r:Person {name:'R'})
CREATE (r)-[:MOTHER]->(n)-[:MOTHER]->(j)-[:MOTHER]->(d),

Thank you for your reply @koji!
I should have mentioned that the goal is to calculate the shortest path between all nodes in the (full) graph with one query. Something like this:

Match p=shortestPath((d1:Person)-[*]-(d2:Person))
Return,, length(p)

The problem with this is that the actual shortest path between two parents is via their child, as in the example. The general rule could be that a starting node should never traverse via a child (offspring) when finding the shortest path to all other nodes.

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