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Select database to run neo4j queries in pure go beta driver 2

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I tried queries using pure go beta driver 2(v1.8.0-beta02) released 7 days ago. I have created multiple databases but I don't find a way to select the database of my choice before running the query.



The 1.8 driver is a pure Go drop-in replacement for the 1.7 driver. As such, it is built with Neo4j 3.5 in mind. We have Neo4j 4.x on our roadmap but, as yet, do not have a date we can share for that.

We are currently discussing whether we can add preliminary skeleton 4.0 support into the 1.8 driver to allow use of the multi-database feature though, so some functionality may be available sooner.

Just tagged beta 3 that includes multidatabase support. You can use the driver.NewSession with a session configuration with the database name to bind a session to a database.