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Saved scripts in the "Favorites" tab

Graph Buddy


I just learnt how to use the saved scripts feature under the "Favorites" tab of the browser. I am using the "Drop a file to import Cypher (*.cyp, *.cypher, *.cql, .txt) or Grass (.grass)" and saving the scripts for easier execution compared to cut-and-paste.

I am wondering if the saved scripts get stored at some place in the database. If so, how can I retrieve it. We use the server version of 3.5 and knowing the location of the saved scripts would enable easier exchange of queries among our users.

Kindly let me know.




I have the same question, there should be a clear and easy way for us to export our Favorite queries, especially if these are associated with our Neo4j Browser Sync login and stored somewhere in the cloud.
Neo4j reps, does this function exist? If not, why not?


@lavanya.kannan -- they are stored in the "Local Storage" of the Browser that you use. They aren't sync'ed to the database in any way. They're rather inaccessible, hard to backup, and hard to share. Especially with some slowdown occurring to Browser Sync (in another thread).


I came here looking for similar info, specifically, 'How do I get my saved scripts into a new neo4j instance?'
However, I figured I would share that you can at least backup your scripts to a local file.
In the neo4j browser, near the 'Save Scripts' header in the upper left, there is a 'download' icon. This will let you save your saved script to a zip file and download them via the browser.

I hope that's useful,

Now if I can only use that zip file in a new instance....

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Yeap, I'm trying to work out the same thing. I have my zip files. All fine and dandy, but not much use unless I can do something useful with them. Anything being done about this?

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Any updates on this topic? 
I was also searching for a possibility to import the stored favorites in a collegues environment. 
There should be a big impact for Neo4j Aura to be able to share the favorites with collegues, that they can use them directly. 
(Developer writes queries, and the business experts just executes them and checks the result)

Keep me please informed if there is something planned this way.