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Roles on Aura : can't seem able to change user role


I need to change the role of a user I've created to reader, but it seems impossible? There is no function that I can call, however when I list the users I do see the role ADMIN sticking to the user which is definitely not the case here. Is there a way to change the role to change the role to reader on aura?



Hi Tim,

Role-based access control is not currently supported in Aura. We plan on making that available in a future release.


Hello Cory, is there an estimation when is the role-based-access going to be available on Aura?


Has role-based access control been released to AuraDB yet? Maybe I'm having a different problem, but it seems like the `neo4j` account isn't an admin, so I can't create roles or read-only accounts.


We are having a similar situation on 4.4.0 Enterprise. When we attempt to assign a reader role to a user we get:

Permission has not been granted for ASSIGN PRIVILEGE. Try executing SHOW USER PRIVILEGES to determine the missing or denied privileges.

Our neo4j user only seems to have the role of Public and so does the newly created user. 

Any idea when role-based access will be available?

Thanks in advance,

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