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Query details not getting captured in dbms.listQueries()

Graph Buddy

Hi Team,

I ran the delete query in neo4j browser for deleting a data from label ( near about 3 lacs records ).
But this query did not get capture in call dbms.kistQueries() output at all.

Please let me know why it is not captured and how to capture each and every query in dbms.listQueries?




Hello @akshat.mittal,

Only currently running queries owned by you (typically neo4j in Neo4j Desktop) are displayed with listQueries(). If you want to keep track of past queries, you will need to set things up to capture them in the query log. Then you can see analyze them with a tool like the Query Analyzer.


Hello Elaine,

I hope you are doing good !!

I ran this query when previous query ran by same user was running but list.queries did not captured that query in its output. You can refer the screenshot attached in previous message.


If the query runs in a less than say 100 ms, it is going to be hard to catch it in another Browser session. You typically use listQueries to monitor problem queries that are taking a long time to execute.

For example, if you had this query running in a browser window:

MATCH (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) RETURN count(id(a))

You will definitely see this query when you run listQueries() because it takes a long, long time to execute.