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Programaticaly referencing Neo4j to aws s3 bucket


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Dear sir,

please sir, help on how to use neo4j to reference aws s3 bucket for the purpose of querying.

I am designing a neo4j database for e-commerce for laptops, cables, and other accessories. i want to store these goods in amazon s3 bucket and link it to my website url ( People can visit the site to view these accessories. when they visit the site, the total number of visits can be qurried using neo4j code for customer analysis.

i therefore, need the neo4j programming code on how to reference these goods in AWS S3 bucket.

Kind regards

Suglo Luri




Load CSV data in Neo4j from CSV files on Amazon S3 Bucket - Knowledge Base provides an explanation as to how to read a CSV that exists on S3 and then load that data into Neo4j

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,

I am developing a neo4j database using cypher query language.

I want to store laptops and other accessories in amazon S3 bucket in binary format.

With my website primary URL as,

any group of people who browse and view these accessories over a period, their total number will be queried for further analysis.

To be able to do this, I have to be able to load the photos of the accessories into the aws S3 bucket in binary form, and use Neo4j cypher language to reference these photos to the database.

i have finished the write up and it is meant to be published. Can you be one of my reviewers? So that I will send you a copy for review

Looking to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Kind regard
Suglo Luri

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