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PostgreSQL to NEO4j and Erwin data model tool

Node Clone

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe.
Currently my company is trying to learn and use NEO4j for our future database design and move forward with NEO4j from PostgreSQL.

Currently we are using PostgreSQL database and ERWIN data model tool and would love to design our new Database using NEO4j. We wanted to ask for any advice before we start our project.

  1. How should we go about the data model on NEO4j form PostgreSQL(in house) relational database?
    What would be the suggested steps and best practices?

  2. Have you guys ever had a situation using Erwin logical data model into NEO4j? If so, could you guide us to a link or steps on how to do that? or any suggested steps would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Are there any shortcuts from Erwin to GraphDB? or what would be the easiest way/best practices?

Please let us know any suggestion/advice would be helpful.


Petra Lee

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