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Possible to Save Visualization State and Reopen?

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Is it possible and I'm just glossing over that functionality somehow?
If not, any products you guys would recommend with the rough functionality of Bloom + this feature.

This is one of the only things holding me back from using or recommending the product for widespread use at our company.

Often times, properly setting up a data model or complex perspective is a time consuming process and the positioning setup of that model/perspective is important when viewing/demoing the perspective.


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If the data in your graph changed, how would you propose saving a view that may no longer be true?

For that reason, you can save the view at that query time in png or school format.

You can save your query and rerun it later to view the graph’s current content.

Andrew O.

School should read svg format. Love that autocorrect!

I agree with OP (@tj_a) - that would be a powerful feature and something I really need as well.

@aottens: even if the data changes... it wouldn't matter from what the OP is asking. It's merely saving a snapshot of the results at the time of query and it retains the layout that was edited as nodes were moved around to the desired viewing. Rerunning a saved query (even with static data) always returns the results in a default layout and losing the work done with the layout changes.

Graph Steward

I agree. Even if the underlying has changed, the old positioning information could be used as a starting point for the layout of the graph (instead of some random starting point.)

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it seems don't sloved yet ?

There's a lot of work in adding features/fixing bugs. This isn't so critical, so I don't think it will be worked on anytime time soon... that's my guess.

But this feature is so critical for me. and I believe it's so critical for everyone until this feature is good enough.

I think the product mangament don't realize it. bcz It's not enough good , therefore, the brilliance of this feature is drowned out.

Hello all!
This conversation will certainly help us shape Blooms future.
Is there additional information that you think would help us in creating this feature?

Thanks again

I totally agree, how can you say this is not an important feature.

I can't not imagine, that everyone wants to recreate a layout every time they look at the data. This is one feature that would resolve many of the issues I have when sharing the data with other people.

As for the stupid comment what happens when data gets updated? Hello! it is still a directed graph, and would insert its self where appropriate to other more static placements. once viewed it could then be moved around.

I don't know why people think this is so tough. It is recording the X/Y maybe even z axis and if exists put it back in that same spot.

its these simple features that make the product great, and is preventing me in rolling it out to my entire team, C'level and company wide for use.