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Pls add name of DB after switching connection

Graph Steward

After connecting to a different DB, the Browser lets you know that the DB has been switched but it doesn't tell you the DB name that was connected to.

Connection updated
Your have switched connection.

It would be nice to know, as the Browser results is a like a log of what you did. (I believe you can get the current DB name, but that's an extra step that you have to remember to do and may not anticipate that you wish you had done so.)

Actually.... I do find myself confused. If I do SHOW DATABASES I don't see movies anywhere. I'm not sure how to see that movies is the active DB. I do see that neo4j is a database, so I'm confused as the difference between neo4j and movies. (I may have asked about this before but I have since forgotten about it...)

(Google didn't seem to provide the answer....)



Whenever you're using browser, the DB you're connected to is shown in the prompt. See the screenshot below, where the mouse cursor is.

If you only see a $ sign, that means you're still connecting. Otherwise you'll see the name of the database you're connected to here, so when you reconnect - it's the same and a separate notification shouldn't be needed.

The problem is that neo4j is overused. I think neo4j is actually the user name and not the name of the DBMS.

I just connected to my DBMS poc and command prompt in the browser still shows neo4j.

In the context of the command prompt, what you see is always the database name and not the user you're connected as.

I believe you are wrong. Here, I just changed my DB to poc but it still shows neo4j in the command prompt.

What I see in this screenshot you've shared is that you have a Neo4j Desktop project called poc, containing 1 Neo4j DBMS (also named poc). By default, a Neo4j DBMS contains 2 or more databases ("neo4j", and "system"). The name of the DBMS in desktop is not the same as the database name in browser.

As a result, I think the prompt saying "neo4j" is correct (you're connected to the neo4j database in the DBMS called poc)

Have I misunderstood what you're showing here?

I'm not sure.... I have to say the nomenclature still confuses me...

The default project that comes up is Neo4J. My poc DBMS is inside the project Project (which I created to keep things clean.)

I'm unclear (for example), what the Movie Database is and it seems its name is actually movie (I think... I'm not even sure about that.... now...)

I thought I understood this, but I'm more confused than ever....