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performance issues with simple match on small graph (lineage analysis, cypher doesn't terminate)

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Hi, I've just started with a prestudy project for a data lineage use case.

Right now I'm using a rather simple graph of Data- and Process-Objects having impact on each other (the graph model consists of a node "Object" with one self-reference "has_impact_on").

There are only 1,548 Object-nodes and 3,352 has_impact_on-references in the graph (although with some cycles), but my queries don't terminate, e.g.:

MATCH p=(n)-[*]->()
where n.Obj_MEMBER = 'CT_MAPPING'

MATCH p=(n)-[*]->(m)
where n.Obj_MEMBER = 'CT_MAPPING'
RETURN m.Obj_TYPE_CAT, m.Obj_MEMBER, length(p), [x in nodes(p)|x.Obj_ID]

Could the cycles be the problem? Are there better alternatives, or is it because I'm currently testing on a free aura instance?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards, Thomas