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Orientdb to Neo4j import

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We have a 60GB database in orientdb (3.x) and need to import the same into neo4j. Currently, we are using Gremlin (3.6.1) to convert the orientdb data to a graphml format and trying to import the same into neo4j. We have configured gremlin on an EC2 instance with 64GB RAM, but getting Java heap memory error. What is the ideal RAM configuration required for this process? If there is a different process to achieve the same, pls let us know. Thank you


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are you getting Neo4j OOM errors or Gremlin errors? If the former have you increased the memory settings in your neo4j.conf file? and if yes what are they? If it is Gremlin that errors I wouldn't know what to do.


Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the response. So we are converting the orientdb to graphml using Gremlin. During that process, Gremlin was throwing Java heap memory error. Unless we have that graphml file, we cannot import into neo4j. Please let me know if there is a different process to achieve the same. Thank you

Hi Thomas,

Can you please tell me is there a way to import orientdb data into neo4j other than using Gremlin? Thank you.

Hi ,

As said I have no knowledge of orientdb, but I assume there are ways to export the data from it. Maybe you can dump the data to a CSV file and import that into Neo4j. Alternatively you can write a Orientdb client that is also a Neo4j client and do the conversion that way.

Good luck,


And you could also address the Gremlin OOM error of course. Again, I assume you can find more information for this in the Gremlin documentation.

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the response. We will check on the methods you mentioned and get back to you in case of any doubts.

Hi Thomas,

Can you elaborate on what is meant by Orientdb client and neo4j client please? If you can provide some resources on the same, it will be really helpful. Thank you. 

What I mean is that you can write your own program that uses the Orientdb client library [1] and the Neo4j client library [2] and use that to convert the data.







Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the references Thomas. We will check it and work on them.