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OPTIONAL MATCH causing unexpected behavior

Graph Voyager


I have the following situation: a Person is a member of a Family, and she/he can be related to another Person in that Family (in this scenario, one is the Father of the other). The Family has a top cat (named Paterfamilias) who manages the information of that Family.

When a Family is created, there is only the Paterfamilias linked to it, no other family member - one.uuid (Person).

This is the cypher I use to retrieve data from the Family node:

MATCH (pater:Person)-[:IS_PATERFAMILIAS]->(family:Family)
OPTIONAL MATCH (one:Person)-[:IS_MEMBER_OF]->(family)
WHERE family.uuid = $familyUuid
    family.uuid AS familyUuid,
    family.description AS description,
    pater.uuid AS paterfamiliaId,
    one.uuid AS oneId,
    toString(family.updatedAt) AS updatedAt,
    toString(family.createdAt) AS createdAt

It works well when the familyUuid exists. This is the result:

familyUuid    description    paterfamiliaId    oneId    updatedAt    createdAt
"aa547c6b-94ce-4489-afe9-8a1a2bd87e4f"    "Jaca"    "bb9b7b14-7a06-43b1-bc16-9c00453b8c38"    "8a9c349e-bfb4-47cd-8e11-c3e484be3e93"    "2021-08-20T12:29:33Z"    "2021-08-05T22:58:26Z"

However, if the specific familyUuid doesn't exist, this query returns any other existing family in the Graph and the problem is the OPTIONAL MATCH. But I don't know why it does that.

Is there a better way to query the data from the Family, whether or not exist other family members?

I'm using neo4j:4.3.1-enterprise on docker.


Graph Fellow

Hi @renatospaka!

Can you try using the Where condition before the optional Match and then using WITH *.

The problem is that your WHERE is filtering the optional and not your first Match.