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openCypher 1.0.0-M19


Hello community!

We are pleased to announce the next milestone release, 1.0.0-M19, of openCypher, which includes:

  • General
    • Upgrade of log4j version to 2.17.0
    • Upgrade of xmlgraphics-commons version to 2.6
    • Minor dependencies fixes
  • CIPs
    • Accept CIP2021-07-07 Grouping key and aggregation expressions
    • Accept CIP2021-08-10 Operator precedence
    • Adjustment of CIP2015-05-13 EXISTS to grammar refactorings
  • TCK, TCK API, and TCK tools
    • Update TCK scenarios to reflect CIP2021-07-07 Grouping key and aggregation expressions, primarily in TCK features Return6, ReturnOrderBy6, With6, and WithOrderBy4
    • Add TCK scenarios to reflect CIP2021-08-10 Operator precedence
    • Remove deprecated syntax from TCK scenarios, specifically
      • Octal number syntax starting with 0 instead of 0o
      • No coercion of lists to boolean
    • Add scenarios to TCK feature WithSkipLimit3
    • Update scenario in TCK feature List6 to avoid introducing variable in pattern predicate
    • Fix hashcode bug in TCK API class CypherLists
    • Speed up of TCK integrity tests
  • Grammar and grammar tools
    • Add antlr parser demo
    • Grammar refactorings
      • Add <PatternPredicate> ::= <RelationshipsPattern> for clearer distinction of <RelationshipsPattern> appearing as an <Atom>
      • Add separate production of s for better referencing and separation of quantifiers in the grammar
    • Add functionality to the grammar toolkit, e.g. praising of ISO WG3 BNF
    • Fix bug in grammar non-terminal <UnaryAddSubtractExpression> 
    • Remove use of a deprecated antlr class

You will find download links to the artifacts from our webpage at

If you are using Maven for dependency management, the TCK and grammar also exist as modules on Maven Central, including the TCK API and other tools.

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any problems you face with the published artifacts, or questions you might have. Bug reports are preferably served as issues on the GitHub repository.

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