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OMITNORMS field in Lucene fulltext analyzer



I am testing a v4.0.3 database in Neo4j Desktop which contains nodes that represent products. Each node has an ID and description. I have used the fulltext indexing from Lucene on the descriptions to be able to search and return relevant products.

This search works great in most cases, but has some issues when the description length of two products is very different. Here is an example search:

Search: "desk fan 10mm"
1st result: "10mm desk lamp", score = 5.2
2nd result: "fake corp 10mm desk fan dynamic speed control usb port remote", score = 5.1

Comparing the two results by eye, I would place the 2nd result at the top. The scoring from Lucene is such that shorter descriptions are boosted (I read about it here: There is a setting in Lucene called OMITNORMS which can disable the adjustment of scores based on the length of the description.

My first question: is OMITNORMS set to False in the default configuration of Lucene in Neo4j? This would confirm the results that I'm seeing in my database currently. I saw a forum post from 2015 where a user had the exact opposite problem and it was explained that Neo4j (in 2015) had OMITNORMS default to True.

My second question: If OMITNORMS is default False, is it possible to set OMITNORMS to True in Neo4j?

Thank you for your help.