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Community Edition 4.4.3 running on Mac Catalina

For the last week or so I have been receiving this error when I execute some queries:

NOT PART OF CHAIN! RelationshipTraversalCursor[id=396440, open state with: denseNode=true, next=396440, , underlying record=Relationship[396440,used=true,source=183399,target=3256785,type=6,sPrev=396425,sNext=396455,tPrev=396450,tNext=-1,prop=-1,!sFirst,!tFirst]]

Does this indicate datbase corruption? I see the Enterprise edition contains an admin tool which includes consistency checking, but Community edition does not.

I can look up the relationship with ID = 396440 and it does indeed link the listed source and target nodes, and they have the correct labels. That leads me to think the error is in the sPrev, sNext, tPrev, tNext linkage, not in the listed rel and nodes themselves.

Would manually detaching and deleting the nodes and rel and rebuilding them correct this error?


I dumped the whole DBMS and imported it to a new DMBS (which was pretty fast), and the error occurred in the new one as well.

I exported the whole DBMS with apoc.export.cypher.all and imported it to a new DBMS (which was very slow, probably more than 12 hours), and so far I have not seen the error.

I'm posting this reply in case it helps someone else resolve this error.