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Not Getting Response with more relationship level

Node Clone

HI ,
We have a flow from Vendor TO customer .We are using Neo4j community version in my browser. When I am trying for more levels which in turn is 30 the browser got struck and wont respond .If we Need to run after we need to reload the browser.I am providing you the query which i am referring to
"MATCH p=(b:Vendor)-[*0..30]->(child)
where (child:MatPlant or child:Customer) and b.node_id="US1|0010764006"
and NONE( rel in relationships(p) WHERE type(rel)="VendorToVendorPurchaseOrder")
optional match (child)--(wc:WorkCenter)
return p "
And Also I am getting response for some nodes of vendor for (30) but for some i am not getting response and the browser wil struck. Please suggest me way to get rid of such issue and also do we need enterprise version for such cases or community edition work fine


If you just return the `RETURN sum(length(path))`  you roughly see how many nodes are returned.

Neo4j browser's visualization library (d3) works ok up to 300 nodes. 

For larger graph visualizations you want to use neo4j bloom, e.g. from neo4j desktop or neo4j auradb

there you also have hierarchical layouts.