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Not able to download certificate of course completion

I have completed the "Overview of Neo4j 4.x" course and I submitted all the questions which were asked at the end of each section. I tried to download the course completion certificate it shows the following message.


How can I get my course completion certificate?


Facing the same issue, even after trying different browsers and using different laptops too. I couldn't download the course completion certificate. Moreover when I logged out of the open sessions, I couldn't log back in again. It kept giving me following error,
"Error while loading the data, please refresh the page." Attached screenshot for reference.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Similar problem. Upon course completion, a green text box prompted me to download my certificate. Clicking it generates a pdf with no readable colored squares. the alternative link ("if this does not work, clicke here" generates an error page saying the header of a query was too long. Not able to generaterd readable certificate

Hi! Some of my colleagues have this error. Were you able to solve this issue? thanks!

Unfortunately not. Neo4j community manager reached out saying it is a technical problem they are looking into to solve it