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NeoDash Choropleth Map: When using Alpha2 Country Codes it breaks

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I observed something that seems like a bug:

I have a neo4j Database with Nodes that have country codes as properties. I dont work with alpha2 codes (HK for HongKong) but you need alpha3 codes (HGK for Hongkong). But whenever your country code has a alpha2 code or something that is not a 3 letter code then the choropleth map only shows that countries that were done so far...
Here the explanation with an example:


  The green countries are displayed until a "wrong" country code appears. ("tw" which should actually be "twn". When I change the tw into twn then the next country codes are displayed until another alpha2 code comes. 

Hope you can understand my problem and agree that it would be better if all valid alpha3 codes can be displayed. Also the (3) letters must be capital and for smaller letters it does not work.(but that es not so importand)
Thanks for any help



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Here the map view: 



Hi @gleithoernchen ,

So far, there's no support on Alpha-2 due to the nature of the Vector Map we use. Part of our pipeline includes giving more options to users by allowing them to choose the Map vector they prefer, opening the option to use Alpha-2 if needed.

Related to the bug, indeed there's was a flaky condition I just solved and I'm planning to add it on our next release. Next time, open this kind of bug on our Github please (I was surfing around the community today and I casually found this post). 


Oh, y’all wanted a twist, ey?

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Hi @bennu_neo ,

Thanks for the response and the quick fix. Sure, next time on Github. I just was not so familiar with which content belongs to where.

Have a nice day 🙂


Fix works. Thanks


ey! Happ to hear it!

Oh, y’all wanted a twist, ey?
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