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Neo4j triggers

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I was looking for a way in neo4j where I can record the change(update/delete) in nodes on my Graph. I came across triggers. It is pretty decent functionality but I am unable to see what changes have occurred in the node whenever the trigger happens(I can see the changes when I do a match return query but I want a response as soon as the triggers are hit. somehing like a message popping up).

Lets say I am not aware what changes have been done but I would like to keep a record of them(at node level) and get to know everytime a change is done on the graph. I was following . Say if I added Shawn as father of Daniel in the graph. Is there any way that I get the information that Shawn has been created and a relationship with daniel has been setup whenever that particular trigger gets hit? Can I see the difference between the old and new records as soon as the trigger gets hit? Is it even possible or am I shooting arrows in dark?