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NEO4j to AMAZON EC2? Please help!

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Hello Community! Please Help!

My name is Petra and I am new to NEO4j community and enjoying the learning. Thank you for the resources through out the community. It's really helpful.

I've successfully loaded my test data as CSV to my GraphDB and connected my nodes with properties and relationships. It's really cool!

Now I need to setup NEO4j instance on AMAZON EC2. My teammate who is working with me needs my data I load on NEO4j to EC2 so he can start work on application side and etc. As of now we are just trying to connect and get initial set-up and it's been tough. I did notice there are some post's and links for this, however, I wanted to reach out to you guys and ask for,

  1. what would be my best approach/practice for this? I really need to dump/load my data into EC2.
  2. if there is a link that you guys would like to suggest??? that would be amazing.. Some of the links made me more confused and I did try but failed..
  3. Any advice? any tips or comments would be really appreciated!!

Also, I would love to connect via Linkedin as well. Thank you for your time and support. Have a great day!


Petra Lee


Node Link

Hope this is what you are looking for, and it helps.