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Neo4j : main db or auxillary db for social network


I would like some insight into how best to apply neo4j to my use-case

A brief (and oversimplified) description of the domain

Description: a portal for trade shows

Simplified Model: 
* multiple trade shows
* multiple users per trade show
* within each trade show
  * users follow other users
  * users review products

There are several other relationships that I have in mind but for simplicity, let's ignore them

I've successfully modeled and prototyped all the entities / relationships etc using spring boot and neo4j as the sole data store.


  • Is it viable (I've already proved that it is viab le in a PoC) to proceed using neo4j as the sole data store in production. I've browsed forum posts / blogs etc and while there are some who say that it's doable, the general consensus is to maintain entities in a more conventional db and stream to neo4j to perform relational analysis
  • On the other hand, there are stacks such as GRANDStack that use Neo4j as the primary db. So , .. I'm a bit confused. Some factors I'm thinking about are:
    • auth / RBAC (supported in GRANDStack)
    • multi tenancy - typically in a conventional DB, ... it makes sense to partition using database schema eg. we would create different schema for tradeshow1, tradeshow2 etc . In neo4j, I could either throw this concept out of the window and maintain everything in one db or maintain different databases in the enterprise version. I'm not sure what (if any) the equivalent is in neo4j
  • Likewise, I could use neo4j as a backing store for JWT authentication (managing user entities, RBAC etc ) , but not sure if this is accepted best practice vs (say, .. uisng something like mysql, mongo, firebase etc for this purpose)
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