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Neo4j LOAD CSV..when CSV columns contains a list of properties

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This is regarding neo4j csv import using LOAD csv. Suppose my csv file format is as following

Id, OID, name, address, Parents , Children
1, mid1, ratta, hello@aa, ["mid250","mid251","mid253"], ["mid60","mid65"]
2, mid2, butta, ado@bb, ["mid350","mid365","mid320", "mid450","mid700"], ["mid20","mid25","mid30"]
3, mid3, natta, hkk@aa, ["mid50","mid311","mid543"], []

So the parents and children columns consists of mids basically..while importing csv into neo4j using LOAD CSV.. I want to create following nodes and relationships.

  1. NODES for each rows (for each id column in csv)

  2. [:PARENT] relationship by matching the OID property in each row and OID properties inside parents column. So as a example when processing the first row...there should be four nodes (mid1, mid250,mid 251 and mid 253) and 3 PARENT relationship between mid1 and other 3 nodes.

  3. [: CHILD ] relationship by matching the OID property in each row and OID properties inside children column.

Please help!!

Tried doing it with for each function but the results didn't come correctly. Im doing it through a python script. just need to edit the cypher query. The problem here is when creating nodes the OID property returns as mid1 ....whereas when creating relationships OID property comes like this -> ['mid250']. So when creating relationships it creates another duplicate node.

def create_AAA(tx):
        "LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///aaa.csv' AS row MERGE (e:AAA {id: row._id,OID: row.OID,address: row.address,name:})"

def create_parent(tx):
        "LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///aaa.csv' AS row MERGE (a:AAA {OID: row.OID}) FOREACH (t in row.parents | MERGE (e:AAA {OID:t}) MERGE (a)-[:PARENT]->(e) )"

def create_child(tx):
        "LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///aaa.csv' AS row MERGE (a:AAA {OID: row.OID}) FOREACH (t in row.children | MERGE (e:AAA {OID:t}) MERGE (a)-[:CHILD]->(e) )"

with driver.session() as session:



You basically want to convert that string => '["mid250", "mid251"]' etc into individual strings without quotes. Have a look at this to get an idea:

with '["mid250","mid251","mid253"]' as str
             with substring(str, 1, size(str)-2 ) as strings
             unwind split (strings, ",") as parent
             return substring(parent, 1, size(parent)-2);

line 2 removes the brackets

line 3 splits into individual quoted strings

line 4 removes the quotes

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I was trying to implement your code inside the create_parent function. But was not succesfull. Can you please share how your answer can be implemented within the create_parent function.


There's quite a few issues with your code and data (e.g. spaces in the csv file, _id vs Id, etc.

With this data:

This code seems to do what you want:

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///aaa.csv' AS row
             with row, substring(row.Parents, 1, size(row.Parents)-2 ) as parents
             unwind split(parents, ",") as parent
             merge (t:AAA {OID:parent})-[:PARENT]->(:AAA {OID: row.OID});

Thank you very much for your time. Thers is an issue. It shows the following error. How can we solve this. Thank you again.

ValueError: dictionary update sequence element #0 has length 1; 2 is required


That error is coming from Python. Have you tried looking at the stack trace to see what's going on? When I'm doing something like this, I always start small - e.g. develop/test the code in cypher-shell or Browser. Once I have my cypher code, then move on to getting it working in Python.

Thank you very much. yeah its a python error. I'll try to figure that out.


I don't see anything in your Python code above that would obviously generate this kind of error.