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neo4j-import doesn't work with long line


Hi community

This post is mostly intended for devellopers
I was using the neo4j-admin import tool and came across this error

Weird input data, no newline character in the whole buffer 4194304, not supported a.t.m

As I understood it, neo4j-import cannot support having a too long line or record for a node or relationship in a csv
It's espcacially happeing when you have to use field:string[] as the type for one or more of your fields

So your actual line is longer because you might have a lot of data in a single field as a list of values or array property in neo4j.

It kind of sucks because when you deal with massive data it's not unsual I guess to have aggregation of values in a node as a prortery and the neo4-admin import tool is suppose to be THE tool for massive data import.

I hope this can fix

Side question: I was wondering how long a list property value in Neo4j can be?




There is no limit in neo4j and it should not be limited in the neo4j-admin import tool,

Looks like a bug can you please create an GH issue on

Node Link

I was getting the same error. The error didn't seem right because it was a csv file and there were plenty of newlines.  It did have records for nodes and relationships but not long lines. I deleted my data and generated it again, then imported it. Worked fine this time.