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Neo4j GraphQL Library how to use @auth with allow across relationship properties

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I see in the documentation (, you can use auth with allow across relationship.

However, I want to add read and edit properties on the relationship. 

For example:

type User {
  id: ID! @id(autogenerate: true)
  authId: String! @unique
  objects: [Object!]!
    @relationship(type: "ACCESS", direction: OUT, properties: "Access")

type Object {
  id: ID! @id(autogenerate: true)
  users: [User!]!
    @relationship(type: "ACCESS", direction: IN, properties: "Access")

interface Access @relationshipProperties {
  edit: Boolean!
How do I setup my auth rules on object so that read operations is allowed for [:ACCESS] and edit operations is allowed for [:ACCESS {edit: true}].
Given the current documentation, it seems I need to create two relationships [:EDIT] and [:READ] for things to work, but that will complicate all my queries when dealing with user's objects.

Hey, I had a similar situation here:

What people responded on the discord:

- The where clause transcribes to a cypher "all" clause so if only some of the where conditions are matched in the different relationships, then it will not work.

- To access a relationship property there seems to be no way of doing this right now inside @auth so the best solution for this is to make a custom resolver and pass some custom cypher that checks for the relationship property in there.

Late but hope that helps 🙂

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