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Neo4j GDS algorithms execution time

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Hello Community
I run the Dijkstra source-target shortest path algorithm in Neo4j (community edition) for 7 different graphs. The sizes of these graphs are as follows: 6,301 nodes - 8,846 nodes - 10,876 nodes - 22,687 nodes - 26,518 nodes - 36,682 nodes - 62,586 nodes.

For all these graphs, the results (the path) are received in 2 ms and completed at different amounts of times. Is it OK that the time is the same for all these graphs regardless of their sizes? The same is happening when running the Yen algorithm.

If the time provided by the Neo4j browser is inaccurate, how can I measure the execution time accurately? Does Aura make a difference in this subject (execution time measurement)?

Thanks in advance.


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I used these properties: computeMillis and preProcessingMillis. Why the result is 0 for the computeMillis and preProcessingMillis?


Update 2:

The following table indicates the time in ms required for running the Yen algorithm to retrieve one path for each topology. However, the time does not dependent on the graph size. Why? is it normal to have such results?


Topoplgy size (node) Yen (ms)
db1 6,301 46
db2 8,846 99
db3 10,876 127
db4 22,687 122
db5 26,518 98
db6 36,682 46
db7 62,586 226