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Neo4J Desktop set-up fails on password request


Hello, I have attempted several times to install Neo4J desktop to evaluate further use of Neo4J as a platform in my business. Each time, I am halted by the following dialogue box:

Password has been changed

Local Graph password has been changed. Please enter Graph Password:

*You can ignore this change until the next Graph start. 

If I ignore, it completes the set-up and starts the sample graph provided, but it will not connect. I just get the spinning wheel of death. If I enter "neo4J" it says "This password is not allowed". If I make one up, it says "Failed - incorrect password".

I've read several others having this same issue but at different stages, like after they have already built their data. But I have not seen any solutions to an instance where you can't even get past initial set-up. 

This seems like it should be a simple bug for Neo4J to clean up...are there any plans to? So...what is the password??



I would try deleting the database and creating a new one.  Remember, you can create multiple projects, and each project can have multiple databases. 

Thanks glilienfield. 

After examining the logs I eventually found an error generated by Java JDK, which was already installed on my machine. Neo4J Desktop includes a version of this and so it appears that it conflicts if a machine already has Java JDK. I removed it entirely and reinstalled, it appears so far to be working now without generating the error. But I am still surprised at the number of times folks have reported this problem, and a non-developer person (me) had to be the one to figure it out. Doesn't really scream confidence when deciding if I should use this platform or not.