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Neo4j Desktop hangs on "Checking system requirements"


Hi all, apologies if this is in the wrong place, please point me to the correct board if so.

I am currently trying to install Neo4j Desktop for a project. It has worked on all my colleagues machines, however from the beginning mine has gotten stuck at the "Checking system requirements" page:image.png

Myself and IT have done a number of things to troubleshoot this issue including a reinstall (along with getting rid of any leftover files we could find after an uninstall); we have checked the firewall settings; we have gotten rid of registry files, installed and ran with admin privileges etc. Nothing seems to be fixing the issue. After a regular reinstall, it takes me directly to the checking system requirements page without asking for a software key etc. However when we delete the folder in the User directory during an uninstall, it then takes me through the process of choosing where to store it and inputting a software key again. But ultimately ends up hanging at the same spot. 

Any ideas or help would be massively appreciated as I need to get this working.

Happy to upload the log if needed (though it is long so I can't paste the entirety here)

Thanks in advance!



Hi all,

Managed to solve the issue. Turns out the issue was simply that command prompt was disabled on our domain. So something within the setup was unable to run.