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Neo4j Desktop Enterprise Developer Edition Version 4.0.1 Backups

Hello Neo4j Support,

We are testing Neo4j Desktop enterprise Edition.

We are following Following Neo4j documentation to take backups and restoring of databases when trying to do that it's giving an error message as unrecognized command: backup, unrecognized command: restore.

Following are logs from the sessions, can someone please help to resolve this issue.

unrecognized command: backup
usage: neo4j-admin

Manage your Neo4j instance.

environment variables:
** NEO4J_CONF Path to directory which contains neo4j.conf.**
** NEO4J_DEBUG Set to anything to enable debug output.**
** NEO4J_HOME Neo4j home directory.**
** HEAP_SIZE Set JVM maximum heap size during command execution.**
** Takes a number and a unit, for example 512m.**

available commands:

** check-consistency**
** Check the consistency of a database.**
** help**
** This help text, or help for the command specified in .**
** import**
** Import from a collection of CSV files or a pre-3.0 database.**
** memrec**
** Print Neo4j heap and pagecache memory settings recommendations.**
** push-to-cloud**
** Push database to Neo4j cloud**
** report**
** Produces a zip/tar of the most common information needed for remote assessments.**
** store-info**
** Prints information about a Neo4j database store.**

** set-default-admin**
** Sets the default admin user when no roles are present.**
** set-initial-password**
** Sets the initial password of the initial admin user ('neo4j').**

Offline backup
** dump**
** Dump a database into a single-file archive.**
** load**
** Load a database from an archive created with the dump command.**

neo4j backup error|690x431

Thank you,
Anil Kumar.



the screen shot you provided and at neo4j backup error|690x431 1 indicates you are using an unsupported version of Java. What does

java --version 


Also, as backup is a 'enterprise' only feature if the command is reporting unrecognzied command: backup perhaps you are not running enterprise