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Neo4j Desktop Edition: Browser not connecting to database

am Zehra Ansari. I am using Desktop Edition of Neo4j. But I am facing serious issues. Kindly help me out. Review the attached photo.

Its not connecting with the server. Always in process of connecting. I dont know about the issue Please help me out.


Node Clone

The default user pass is neo4j if you didn't change it.
I think you've installed several versions together and you do not put the right port to connect.


Like @mojtaba.tmj, I also suspect it's not the right port. Typically this would be 7687 instead of 11002 for Bolt, with the default configuration.

To see which port it is, you can click the 'Manage' button on the database in Desktop and then you'll see a screenshot like this. You're looking for the "Bolt port":

Did you set a password when creating the database? and did you use that password when logging in?

Did you also start the database? See the intro video here: