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Neo4j Desktop Considerably slow after the latest update

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I am facing this issue, where the dekstop is considerably slow after the latest update.
Neo4j Browser version: 4.2.0

Neo4j Server version: 4.0.5 (enterprise)

The queries shows streaming in 1 ms and completed in 1ms
but it takes 4-5 minutes for me to see the results in the browser.

Moreover the nodes do not expand and the relations are not shown for connected nodes.

Could someone please help.


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Newer versions of Neo4j Desktop seem to be extremely slow. They are slow in loading, slow in querying, and typing in the command window often has significant lag.

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I am experiencing the same.  It was fine until the last version.  Sometimes it takes 5 - 6 seconds for keystrokes to appear.  

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Just adding my voice.  There were no lag issues before.  Any solution(s)?  Can we revert back to an earlier version?