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Neo4j Desktop: App not launching in Windows 10

Hi all

After successful istallation of Neo4J desktop on a Win 10 machine, the application does not open any GUI. I can see that two background processes are lauched though. Does anybody have any pointers as to what could be wrong? I have been using previous versions of Neo4J Desktop on my old machine, also a Win 10 installation, which worked flawlessly. Any pointers would be welcome.



A requirement for Neo4j Desktop on Windows is that you have Powershell V3 installed.

Best regards,
Elaine Rosenberg

Node Clone

Hi Neo4j Team,

I have the required version of Powershell installed on my Windows10, still i am facing the same issue which @robert.bichsel reported.

I have tried with 1.1.20 as well as 1.1.18 versions of Neo4j Desktop and for both of them the same issue appears.