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Neo4j Desktop 1.3.11 Install of APOC runs forever

Graph Buddy

Neo4j Desktop 1.3.11 Install of APOC runs forever
Just created a clean new install of Neo4j Desktop with a clean DB 4.2.1 but when i try to install apoc it runs forever


Graph Buddy

If i try to install apoc or gdsl on Neo4j-Desktop the installation does not finish in a reasonable amount of time. Somestimes its 1 min. sometimes 1 h. Any ideas. I just tried it this morning with a clean install of Neo4jDesktop but it didnt work. Here is the console output:

[09:40:46.977] [info] Downloading plugin from '' for 'database-a058a1b5-46d5-4367-8dee-92d6cc0e37a2'
[09:40:46.978] [info] Download closed
[09:40:47.200] [info] Download redirected
[09:40:48.132] [info] Download response { contentType: 'application/octet-stream', contentLength: '18503746' }
[09:41:15.495] [info] [1] Online check request:

Here is what the js-console says:

09:52:27.217 › Action[DATABASE_STOPPING]

1. {id: "database-7ec352b7-f35b-48e7-a072-3a607248878d", type: "DATABASE_STOPPING"}

Desktop.9cd299bd1f52…ee158.bundle.js:100 09:52:27.255 › Action[GRAPH_INACTIVE]

1. {id: "database-7ec352b7-f35b-48e7-a072-3a607248878d", type: "GRAPH_INACTIVE"}

Desktop.9cd299bd1f52…ee158.bundle.js:100 09:52:27.403 › Action[DATABASE_STATISTICS_UPDATE]

1. {id: "database-7ec352b7-f35b-48e7-a072-3a607248878d", statistics: {…}, type: "DATABASE_STATISTICS_UPDATE"}

Desktop.9cd299bd1f52…ee158.bundle.js:100 09:52:30.578 › Action[DATABASE_LOGS]

1. {id: "database-7ec352b7-f35b-48e7-a072-3a607248878d", logs: Array(1), type: "DATABASE_LOGS"}

Desktop.9cd299bd1f52…ee158.bundle.js:100 09:52:34.797 › Action[DATABASE_STOPPED]

1. {id: "database-7ec352b7-f35b-48e7-a072-3a607248878d", type: "DATABASE_STOPPED"}

Desktop.9cd299bd1f52…ee158.bundle.js:100 09:52:37.194 › Action[@@router/LOCATION_CHANGE]

1. {type: "@@router/LOCATION_CHANGE", payload: {…}}

Desktop.9cd299bd1f52…ee158.bundle.js:100 09:52:41.965 › Function[]

Desktop.9cd299bd1f52…ee158.bundle.js:100 09:52:41.967 › Action[PLUGIN_INSTALLING]

1. {databaseId: "database-a058a1b5-46d5-4367-8dee-92d6cc0e37a2", id: "apoc", type: "PLUGIN_INSTALLING", version: ""}