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Neo4j Configuration Settings - Change Default Memory Values for All DBMSs Created

Is it possible to change the default Neo4j Configuration Settings for all DBMSs created instead of manually editing the settings for each new DBMS?

Currently every time I create a new database, I have to manually edit the dbms.memory settings to increase the amount of memory for neo4j. I've searched the neo4j documentation and community forums to see if it possible to update the master neo4j configuration settings template used for the initial settings for each DBMS created, but haven't found any information.







Memory settings are applied to the JVM at JVM start and as such can not be changed without a restart.  There are however come conf/neo4j.conf settings which are dynamically configurable and do not require restart.  See



Thank you for the reply, but my question is it possible to change the master neoj.conf template that applies the default configuration settings when new DBMSs are first created.  Currently I have to go and change the initial memory settings manually before starting the database for the first time.


>> is it possible to change the master neoj.conf template

how are you installing Neo4j?  is this Neo4j Desktop? a cloud based instance? 




@dana_canzanoI primarily use Neo4j Desktop, but I'm also interested in knowing if it is possible on cloud based instances as well.


Just to make sure you know, you can create a new database in the same DBMS using

All databases in the same DBMS will share the same .conf file settings

If you really want to create multiple DBMS, I guess it's possible to tweak something by coping and pasting the .conf file for each new DBMS you create with neo4j desktop, but for the server, kubernetes or aura version it's probably not intented to do that at all.

@tard_gabriel @michael_senft 

What @tard_gabriel  says is true.   And not sure how one would configure memory as its very much dependent on database size ( dbms.memory.pagecache.size) and query complexity/concurrency ( dbms.memory.heap.* )



@tard_gabrielThank you for your response. Your solution addresses my use case.


Indeed, Neo4j Desktop gives this false feeling that we need to create more than one DBMS to get multiple databases, but what you actually create is an entire GDBMS ( Graph Database Management System ) able to create multiple database ( Graph ) using Neo4j Desktop and the CREATE and DROP DATABASE clauses.

Then using :USE dataDataname or the left panel of Neo4j desktop you will be able to swtich from one graph ( database ) to an other. I think this idea also comes from the fact that before with the 3.x branch there was indeed only one database ( graph per GDBMS ).

@dana_canzano if have some connections with the Neo4j Desktop develloper team, can you notice them about this UI thinking for new user.

@michael_senft  you can click on the heart and/or resolve button so we know that this topic is revolved.