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Neo4j Aura - how to edit memory configuration?

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I have an instance with 1GB of RAM, and my queries are dying with something like The allocation of an extra 12.0 MiB would use more than the limit 100.0 MiB. Currently using 92.0 MiB. dbms.memory.transaction.global_max_size threshold reached

This post explains why, but doesn't explain how to configure memory. It makes little sense to me to be paying for 1Gb of memory and only to be able to use 100Mb. The graph is not large and the queries I'm running are simple. With such a low memory cap, if you cannot run queries on it, this cloud deployment is pretty much useless.

Or is this this a "subtle" way to encourage upgrading to a bigger instance? πŸ˜‰

Does anyone know how to change that setting? Thank you.



I believe all configuration for Aura is handled on our side, that's not something you are able to make changes to. That said, I agree the message here doesn't seem to make sense.

At the bottom of our Aura help page there is a button to create a ticket. Please create an issue there and we'll look into it.

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