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Neo4j and GPT-3


Hello graph family,

After several months of pins and needles, I'm excited to have been granted beta access to OpenAI's ground-breaking GPT-3 API. Pretty stoked.

Given that i'm a somewhat "junior" Neo4j developer I would welcome collaboration to produce something meaningful, carrying a graphy-slant. If this happens to be of interest - feel free to direct message with me. Who knows where this could lead.

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Excellent! That is super exciting! I would love to hear how this goes as you progress on...I hope to learn something myself on that!

A great place for engagement on this would be our Discord server. Hope to see you there!

Oooh, super cool that you've gotten access to the GPT-3 API - I'd love to see what you do with it! I wonder if you could do some neat text generation by passing in the results of a cypher query from a knowledge graph and having it return full text?

Either way, keep us updated

Great idea. Thanks @alicia.frame1 - will keep you updated.


Here is my GPT-3 to Cypher article, hope you like it: