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Neo4j-admin tool backup offline DBMS

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I cannot understand how to backup my DBMS from Neo4j desktop.
The Operations Manual is very confusing

Here: Neo4j Admin - Operations Manual
Neo4j Admin is located in the bin directory and is invoked as: neo4j-admin <command>
But from where "invoke" the command?

And here: Back up an offline database - Operations Manual
"The command can be run only locally from an online or an offline Neo4j DBMS. "
" The target directory /dumps/neo4j must exist before running the command and the database must be offline."
These two sentences are on the same page!

Please help!
Thanks, Elisabeth



Hi @ekaske

The easiest way is to select "Dump" from "..."
Or Select "Terminal" for backup command.

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Hi Koji, thank you so much for your help. Unfortunately it did not work.

  1. There is no "Dump" in my "...", only "Clone" and "Remove"
  2. I tried Terminal, using the syntax of the manual. But I always get the answer:
    "Der Befehl "dump" ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder konnte nicht gefunden werden."
    Same with "backup", meaning the system does not know these commands.
    I am new to databases and coding and use only a local version to display an old Chinese game 陞官圖 in a network graph for research purposes. I wonder whether some functions work only for the paid version, but a backup would be a rather vital function, right?

Hi @ekaske
My Neo4j Desktop version is 1.4.9.

In the terminal, you can write the dump command as follows.

Please modify <Backup Directory> and <File Name>.

If your Neo4j version is earlier than 4.0 you have to rewrite the database name from "--database=neo4j" to "--database=graph.db".

bin/neo4j-admin dump --database=neo4j --to=/<Backup Directory>/<File Name>.dump

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Hi, this worked, after I changed slash / to backslash . Thanks for help. I appreciate it. Best, Elisabeth

Graph Voyager

In V1.4.8 of the Desktop I used to be able to dump the database from the Desktop. Now that I've installed V1.4.9, the dump fails.

Same here. But the method suggested by Koji eventually worked.

Hi @mbandor

My Neo4j Desktop version is 1.4.9.
The "Dump" works!!

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I see. Sorry, just realized that my version is 1.4.5. Updates have always failed, but I'm happy with every workaround that works. Thanks again.

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