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Neo4j-admin backup fails with Path '<my backup folder>' does not exist

I have a test environment running Ubuntu 18.04 with 3.5.18-enterprise and I upgraded it to 4.1.1-enterprise installed from DEB.
This seems to have been successful.
I am trying to do a full backup so that I can try and restore locally for development/testing
Based on this:

$neo4j-home> export HEAP_SIZE=2G
$neo4j-home> mkdir /mnt/backups
$neo4j-home> bin/neo4j-admin backup --from= --backup-dir=/mnt/backups/neo4j --database=neo4j

I did the following as neo4j user.

mkdir /var/lib/neo4j/backup
cd /var/lib/neo4j
neo4j-admin backup --backup-dir=/var/lib/neo4j/backup --database=graph.db
# also tried
neo4j-admin backup --backup-dir=/var/lib/neo4j/backup/db --database=graph.db

It fails with the following:

Execution of backup failed. Base directory '/var/lib/neo4j/backup/certificates/https' for SSL policy with name 'https' does not exist.

And with

Path '/var/lib/neo4j/backup/db' does not exist.

Your documentation specifies /mnt/backup/neo4j which when only /mnt/backup was created.

What am I doing wrong?


BTW: The /var/lib/neo4j/certificates/https does exist.

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