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Neo4j 4.0.x not working after upgrade on Neo4j Desktop 1.2.4

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Hi everyone,
I just can't get neo4j 4 to work and have my content from 3.5.15 migrated. So what I tried:

  • clean install of Desktop 1.2.4 on Windows 10
    Test 1:
  • created new database 4.0.x and started it. The database is accessible, nodes can be created manually (browser) and through my webapp
  • Loaded a dump from my 3.5.15 installation.
  • When starting, the database displays the Password message from the screenshot

Test 2:

  • created a 3.5.15 graph, loaded the dump from my prod server. Started without problems.
  • Stopped the database and upgraded it to 4.0.1
  • During starting displays the Password error from the screenshot.

Please note that entering no known password - my and defaults, is accepted.