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Neo starts, but no network ports up, please help

Node Clone

I have a neo4j instance (3.5.14) which has been running for quite some time and contains all sorts of good data.
Yesterday I had to reboot, and now I cant get it to start again.
I run systemctl start neo4j, everything seems fine, but i cant connect using cypher shell and no ports are open.
The logs doesnt show anything special.
debug.log says recovery is required from position... and then a label cleanup and thats it.
I tried to follow some instructions online ( ) and start it using the console, but that didnt work. Wasnt even able to start it.

I am at a loss at what to do.. any ideas?


paste the snippet of debug.log containing the latest startup sequence

It solved itself! All I had to do was to wait 13 hours.. a very slow, but successful startup..

Thanks anyway though!