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Neo.DatabaseError.Transaction.TransactionCommitFailed: Could not apply the transaction to the store after written to log

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I received the error message:
"Neo.DatabaseError.Transaction.TransactionCommitFailed: Could not apply the transaction to the store after written to log" during an execution of query for importing data from CSV to a graph via python driver script, prior to this error, I executed several other queries succesfully.

I wasn't able to find answers in previous discussions.
I'm running Neo4j Desktop 4.4.3 and the graph size is over 2M nodes,

I've configured dbms.memory.heap.max_size=4G even though the advised memory capacity was
dbms.memory.heap.max_size=20G (the import code is a repo from Github)

Could it be a out of storage error? I've tried to run :sysinfo but it produced an error, in fact I can't run an additionl queries as the DB is not available (again raising my suspicions about storage capacity)

the query which was falied is ordinary, nothing that should cause an error:

        MATCH ( n : Entity ) WHERE n.EntityType="Case_R"
        MATCH ( n ) <-[:CORR]- ( e )
        WITH n , e as nodes ORDER BY e.timestamp,ID(e)
        WITH n , collect ( nodes ) as nodeList
        UNWIND range(0,size(nodeList)-2) AS i
        WITH n , nodeList[i] as first, nodeList[i+1] as second
MERGE ( first ) -[df:DF {EntityType:n.EntityType} ]->( second )

Any ideas what this error means and what should i do?
(besides increasing heap.max_size limit cause I can't spare additional resources)
logs attached.

neo4j_log.txt (5.8 KB)
debug_log.txt (22.2 KB)