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Need help setting user/password with AWS CloudFormation

I followed the instructions to use Neo4j AWS CloudFormation templates here -
For one, the template (version 4.4.8) in the article doesn't exist in the S3 bucket (at the time of writing this). However, I was able to use 4.4.3 and deploy the stack successfully.
Also, it looks like there's a script "" that sets the password to $AWSINSTANCEID but when I try to log in from https://<ip>:7473/browser/ it doesn't work. I've also tried resetting the password with "neo4j-admin set-initial-password" (after ssh'ing into the instance) but that doesn't seem to work either. The error I get is "ServiceUnavailable: Failed to establish connection in 30000ms".
I guess my general question is - what's the guidance on user/password setting with AWS CloudFormation templates?




see for CloudFormation templates going forward