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N10s update multivalPropList on a non-empty graph

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Hi, I am using neosemantics (n10s) to import various ontologies into my graph.

One issue I have encountered is that I want some properties to be treated as lists (which is solved by setting "handleMultival": "ARRAY" in the config, then setting a "multivalPropList" to specify which properties should be lists).

The problem with this is that the global config cannot be changed once set. So in future when I would like to add more ontologies, how am I to specify new properties which should be multi-valued for it? Would appreciate any help on this!


Graph Fellow

Hi @alex3 

You can modify the GraphConfig by using the force parameter. Something like this:

call n10s.graphconfig.set({ multivalPropList: ["",""] , force: true})
But make sure that the changes are not breaking ones. That's the reason why by default the config is fixed.