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Multiple graphs with common nodes - query and modelling

  1. Hi I am a PhD student and exploring graph database for my research work

I have multiple graphs and wondering if they can be combined based on common nodes. I do not want single graph but want different graphs with common nodes.

Also, would like to know the queries for multiple graphs having common nodes.
For example, weather data, events data etc. So now there is one graph for weather data and one for event data.
Can someone let me know how I can implement this, and query can give output about the delayed event maybe due to rain.




You need to put the data in one database if you need access to it at the same time, as opposed to switching back in forth between multiple databases.

You just need to model your data, which means identify your node types (which correlate to entities) and the relationships between nodes. Next identify the properties you want to store in each node and relationship.

Myself, I don’t think in terms of graphs. I just think the database contains a collection of entities with relationships. You could have a collection of related nodes that don’t relate to another collection of related nodes. That is fine as long as they are part of a model needed for your application. Each application you may build would be contained in separate databases.

Finally create and analyze the data.

We can help with queries once your explain data and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Welcome aboard.

GraphAcademy has classes of data modeling and cypher. Take a look.

Hi @vnagpure !

Just adding some info to what Gary already said, you can technically handle multiple databases if that's your choice by sharding them and using Fabrics (Enterprise Edition tho).

In any case, you may find your self better trying with a single db instance before trying shards.


Oh, y’all wanted a twist, ey?