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Movie Database: db.schema.nodeTypeProperties() Not allowed for user neo4j with roles[]

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When running call db.schema.nodeTypeProperties() on the Movie database, Neo4J returns the following error:


Database access is not allowed for user 'neo4j' with roles [].

This call works on the other databases I've created in Neo4J Desktop. Just not on the pre-installed Movie database. Probably something simple...

Neo4j Browser version: 4.1.0
Neo4j Desktop 1.3.0

(I've looked at and and not been able to figure out the solution there.)


James Mireles


Graph Fellow

can you switch to system database, and provide me the result of list users and roles ?

To both the Movie database and to the System database I show

Connected as
Username: neo4j
Roles: (No roles)

In the Neo4J Browser, SHOW USERS, SHOW ROLES, and SHOW ALL ROLES all return


Permission denied.

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@dominicvivek06, any insights on this?

Hi @james.mireles - do you get Permission denied in the system database as well ?

Can you create new databases from system database ?

If you want to work on the movie database now, and debug later on your permission issue, i would suggest,
go to and create an empty database.

once all setup is done, execute
:play movie-graph

This will save time for you, if you are currently in learning process.

my 2 cents.

Hi, @dominicvivek06,

call db.schema.nodeTypeProperties() does not return an error on the System database. I do not have problems with the other two I've created at this point. I can query them successfully.

Much obliged for your assist.

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