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Most direct way to import a BigQuery RDBMS into a GraphDB


I have a set of tables in a dataset in BigQuery. I have harmonized all of the column names so that related variables should be obvious. The tables have schema with data types and descriptions.

Is there a straightforward way to ingest this into Neo4j without having to first export to CSV files?


Hi, @abalter !

You can ingest data directly from the RDBMS using apoc.load.jdbc() from the APOC library. See:

Additionally, you can use it along with apoc.periodic.iterate() to load the data in batches and in parallel. Example:

CALL apoc.periodic.iterate(
  'CALL apoc.load.jdbc("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/northwind?user=root","company")',
  'CREATE (p:Person) SET p += value',
  { batchSize:10000, parallel:true})
RETURN batches, total