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Missing relationships in Bloom?


Any idea why there are missing relationships in Bloom?
For example, the one from BAC to PROG:

I've been calling in both the same query : "call apoc.meta.graph() yield nodes,relationships unwind nodes as node unwind relationships as rel return node,rel"


Neo4j Desktop


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Still learning here, but I've got relationships that are AWOL in Bloom but there in Browser. Some don't show anywhere in Bloom, one shows up in the "off scene" category but searching for it produces an error.

Node Link

Hi @gabriel.toma, Hi @bruce,

a reason why relationships sometimes would show in Browser but not in Bloom is that Bloom is strict on the graph schema that's defined in the perspective, which is based on the graph in the database. In Bloom 1.5.1 and lower, any relationships created in Cypher (e.g. APOC's vRels) that don't fit the schema in the perspective would not show in the scene.

In the latest version of Bloom 1.6.1, we improved the handling of virtual nodes and relationships. The legend now shows relationship elements in the scene in an Other category when they don't belong to the available relationship types, similar to how Other node elements in the scene get categorised.

I hope this helps with this issue. Please let me know in case you still see inconsistencies between cypher results in Bloom and Browser after updating Bloom to 1.6.1.

Many thanks,