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Migrate incremental data from RDBMS to neo4j

Graph Fellow

Hello Guys,

I have a doubt regarding RDBMS to neo4j migration.
i have data in rdbms and it is continous increasing and i want to shift this data into neo4j .

how i can do this type of stuff and i have millions of rows in rdbms table so what should be the major factor while migrating that would help in performance,



How best to do this depends on a lot of factors including what other systems you have in place, how much data, how frequently it gets updated, and so on.

A common approach to suggest as a starting point:

  • Dump your existing relational DB as CSV and then use neo4j-import or LOAD CSV to do an "initial load" that gets most of it in.
  • Set up change data capture (CDC) from your relational database, for example to publish all changes to Kafka, and then use the neo4j-streams plugin to subscribe to those changes going through kafka. This handles the "ongoing" part of the change.

What you end up with is a Neo4j instance that is a follow-along copy of what's happening in the RDBMS.