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MERGE conditional in value in array

Hello, a pleasure to greet you.

I am using the neo4j 4.2 desktop locally

I am migrating the nodes from Mongo or Impala (it's the same) But I have problems, the business rules have changed. I have 3 ways to identify a person. And I wanted to try to solve it, using an array.
I'm trying to do a merge (create if it doesn't exist) but I'm asking if a value, or another value, is in the array.

CALL apoc.periodic.iterate('call apoc.mongodb.find("mongodb://xxxxxxxxxxxx:27017/ooooooooooooo","db","collection", {}, {}, {})', ' MERGE (a:Persona_dev { ids : value.document in coalesce(a.ids, ) OR ids : value.other in coalesce(a.ids, )}) SET a.P = value.sometime ', {batchSize:10000, parallel:true})

It wouldn't be working for me.

I am not an expert in Neo4j, I suppose that there are other ways to use conditional and then perform the MERGE so I consult you.

From already thank you very much!