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Memory configuration with multiple instances on Windows 2016


I need to install 3 dev/test instances of Neo4j on a single Windows 2016 box.

I touch the neo4j.conf files to use different ports, everything went fine.

The Win2016 box sometimes reports an alert 'Percentage of Committed Memory In use (The threshold for the Memory% Committed Bytes In Use performance counter has been exceeded.)' through SCOM.

And indeed, when it occurs I see 3 Neo4j host processes (prunsrv-amd64.exe) taking approximatevely 6.5 Gb

I read the article article and I understood, that touching the heap size and page cache is not enough to prevent the Neo4j memory footprint going over this limit.

As it is for dev & test purpose only I'm looking for a way to limit each instance to 4Gb each max.

Can some give me some idea?

Many thanks in advance.