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MATCH with where clause with very long string


Hi All,

I am new to neo4j and what I am trying to do is find a device stored in a device Node with the property device_id which is a very long string. The device Id cannot be shorten.

So this is the Cypher:

  MATCH (d:Device)
  WHERE d.device_id = "W29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3RdLFtvYmplY3QgT2JqZWN0XSxbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0sW29iamVjdCBPYmplY3Rd"

 return d

But this returns the entires device node which is pretty weird. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here. It seems like the Id is a bit long and this might be the issue but i need this to be able to filter.

Any help will be greatfull. Chears.


Graph Fellow

Hi @nengkhoiba ,

What's the anwser you get? What's the anwer you expect? I don't see anything weird so far


Sorry for the confusion.

What my expected output is a single device node with xxxx as device_id and if the device is not found I should not be getting any results.

But what am getting as output is entire device node which I have in the db.

I hope this make sense

Graph Buddy

Apparently you want to retrieve a specific node property, but your return statement specifies the whole node. Is that right?
If so you should try return

Hi @andreperez

This part i understand fetching the particular attribute. But what happen is when I put the where clause like

WHERE device_id=xxxxxx

I am expecting the result to be only one node with the ID that i have defined but what i get is the entire nodes on the db.

Graph Fellow

Hi @nengkhoiba ,

I still don't get the issue. Can you share the result you get from this query vs the expected response?



Hi Everyone

Thank you for taking your time in my problem.

I found the solution. And it was not the query but the data in the data itself.

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